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Steel Petroleum Pipe Steel Petroleum Pipe Steel Petroleum Pipe Steel Petroleum Pipe

Transportation with steel pipe is the most economical and reasonable way to transport the petroleum. With the development of petroleum industry, the total length of the petroleum pipeline in the world is about 2.7×106km and increases with a high speed. So, the need for petroleum transportation steel tube is large.

To meet the demands in the market, we produce the petroleum and crude oil steel pipe with many specifications. According to the processing technique, the product can be divided into spiral welded type, longitudinal welded type and others. The material of our product includes Q235, Q345 and the pipeline steel with the steel grade from A to X80. Meanwhile, our product is compliant with the standards of API SPEC 5L, GB/T9711.2, GB/T9711.1, SY/T5037, SY/T5040, GB50205, JTJ254, S311, AWWA C200, AS1579, etc.

Most of the oil resources are located in remote areas with poor environment. For example, the crude oil in America, which is almost equal to all the oil reserves in America, locates in North Slope of Alaska. This area belongs to alpine region with the lowest temperature of minus 80℃. Meanwhile, the petroleum steel tube here needs to pass tundra. So, to meet the harsh environment, the petroleum and crude oil steel pipe must perform well enough in the aspects of high strength, high tenacity, weldability and corrosion resistance, especially the high tenacity. Considering the abovementioned conditions, we control the quality strictly when purchasing the steel material to ensure high purity and the contents of impurities such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur within the specified range.

As an experienced steel petroleum pipe manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiafang Group also provides steel natural gas pipe, steel structural pipe in wharf, steel clutch pipe, and more.

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