Steel Insulated Pipe

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Steel Insulated Pipe

The thermal insulation steel pipe plays a very important role in energy saving. The research and application of the product have been developed deeply and widely in many countries. By using the product, the energy consumption can be reduced largely. Then, the environmental pollution and greenhouse effect can be relieved accordingly.

This series of thermal insulation steel pipe is designed especially for heat supply system. It is very fit for transporting a variety of medium with the temperature ranging from minus 50℃ to 150℃. The product can be widely applied for the centralized transportation of heating, cooling and hot oil. It can also be used for the thermal insulation engineering in the industries of warm house, cold storage, coal mine, petroleum, chemical engineering and more.

Once the leakage happens to the thermal insulation steel pipe, the consequences are very serious. To ensure safe operation of heat supply system, we strictly control the production process to ensure the product has excellent high and low temperature resistant performance and anti cracking property.

We are a China-based steel insulated pipe manufacturer and supplier. We offer a wide array of products, including fluid transport steel pipe, steel piling pipe, steel water distribution pipe, and more.

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