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The spiral steel pipe, more accurately known as spiral submerged arc welding steel pipe, as the name implies, is a steel pipe with a seam running along the longitudinal direction in a spiral form. It is used for water, slurry, dredging and other pipelines, as well as for piling and structural applications.

In our company, there are two production lines designed for oil and natural gas pipes. The pipe diameter can range from 323mm to 1820mm, and steel grade up to X80. There are three production lines designed for spiral welded pipes which are used for water transmission, steel pipe piling and structural steel pipe application. The pipe diameter can range from 300mm to 3000mm, and thickness up to 25mm. Notably, we can make steel pipe with length up to 50 meters without any splice joint.

We supply spiral weld pipe in accordance with the dimensional and tolerance requirements of various ASTM, AWWA, AS and API specifications. In addition, we can do pipe coating, including bitumen coating, FBE coating, 3PE coating, and thermal insulation coating.

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