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Steel Piling Pipe in Bridge Steel Piling Pipe in Bridge Steel Piling Pipe in Bridge Steel Piling Pipe in Bridge
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Steel Piling Pipe in Bridge
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The steel piling pipe with the diameter of 1 to 2m is widely used in many bridges crossing river and sea such as Leo J. Knight Bridge in Brazil and Parana Bridge in Argentina. It shows that using the product in those bridge projects is an economic and efficient construction method. The product with large diameter and super length is applied widely in such bridge construction projects. Because the bridge pier base slab used by the product can be prefabricated at the shore, there is no need for constructing deep-water cofferdam or caisson at the construction site. The product can be used as the main bearing member of working platform of bridge construction. It is the new column beam type scaffold structure.

We can provide a series of steel piling pipes with the wall thickness and nominal diameter ranging from 4 to 40mm and 200 to 4000mm respectively to adapt to different foundation and designed bearing capacity. As a result of the large diameter and wall thickness, our product has comparatively high bearing capacity. If the bridge structure needs to fill sand or pour concrete into the product, the bearing capacity of the product can be enhanced significantly. When coming with overloading such as earthquake or ship impact happens, the product can provide lateral stiffness for the bridge with its own ductility available. The product can be mounted and dismantled conveniently with high construction mechanization degree. Meanwhile, the coupling can be connected through flange plate or welding directly.

Our steel piling pipe for bridge crossing river and sea has been employed in many Chinese national and provincial key projects such as Donghai Bridge Engineering, Sutong Bridge Project and Jintang Bridge Engineering. The Donghai Bridge is the world's second longest sea crossing bridge so far. It is the sea channel which connects the Luchao Harbor with the land. We provide the product with the amount of 5000 for the bridge construction. Those products are comprised of two parts with the upper part of longitudinal seam coil steel tube and the bottom part of spiral seam steel tube. They have strong performance in bending resistance, bearing capacity and reliable erosion resistance.

Jiafang Group is a specialized steel piling pipe manufacturer based in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including steel structural pipe in bridge, steel water pipe, steel petroleum pipe, etc.

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