Steel Structural Pipe in Bridge

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Steel Structural Pipe in Bridge Steel Structural Pipe in Bridge Steel Structural Pipe in Bridge

Fully considering the characteristics of large structural span and load bearing of the bridge, we produce a series of structural steel pipes used in bridges with reliable performance. For the product often works in the environment with high humidity, it should have strong anticorrosive property. So, we manufacture the product by adopting advanced epoxy powder coating process to guarantee excellent anticorrosive property, insulativity and long service lifetime.

We take usage of Q235, Q345 and pipeline steel with the steel grade from A to X80 to produce the structural steel pipe for bridges. The product can meet different application needs. Q235 is the ordinary carbon structural steel. Featuring high plasticity with low cost, it is widely used for construction and engineering structure. Q345 is a kind of low alloyed steel. It has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, plasticity and weldability as well as tolerable low temperature performance. This kind of steel is suitable for producing structural parts which need to bear dynamic load such as bridge.

As an experienced structural steel pipe manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a wide range of products, including steel natural gas pipe, steel piling pipe in bridge, steel pipe fittings, and more.

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