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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The steel piling pipe and structural steel pipe are used in the construction of wharf and bridge crossing river and sea more and more widely. With the development of economy, the demand for the product grows rapidly. To comply with the market trend, our company has taken a series of measures to produce high quality products. We ourselves have many unique production advantages listed below.

1. We have the capability of producing large quantity spiral submerged arc welded steel piling pipe persistently and stably. We have seven sets of spiral welded steel tube production lines to manufacture the product with various kinds of specifications. The diameter of our product is from 219mm to 3000mm and the wall thickness ranges from 4mm to 25mm. The adopted material involves Q235, Q345 and pipeline steel with the steel grade from A to X80. So far, the product has been successfully applied in the engineering such as 25000t liquid chemical dock in Shanghai Industrial Park, Gwadar Port project in Pakistan and Australian wharf engineering.

2. We can also produce the longitudinal submerged arc welded steel piling pipe with large diameter. With two sets of longitudinal submerged arc welded steel tube production lines available, we can produce the product with the nominal diameter and wall thickness of 200 to 4000mm and 4 to 40mm respectively. The material of the longitudinal welded product is the same as that of spiral welded product. Those longitudinal welded products have already been applied in the national and provincial key projects such as Donghai Bridge, Sutong Bridge and Jintang Bridge. As the result of unrivaled quality and meticulous service, our product is favorably noticed.

3. We have the current advanced steel tube external anticorrosion coating technology and can implement the anticorrosion process for the steel piling pipe in our factory. Our spray and anticorrosion process includes shot blasting, medium frequency heating, epoxy powder coating (or airless spraying) and on line electric spark leak test. After being treated with this anticorrosion process, the product shows excellent performance in corrosion resistance, insulativity and service lifetime. Meanwhile, we can also conduct the anticorrosion treatment with surface coating type and wrapping type to meet the different anticorrosion requirements for the product. By using our product, the shortage of too rough anti corrosion which is conducted at the construction site can be avoided.

4. Our company can also implement the production and assembling of the fittings for the steel piling pipe as well as butt welding of the product. We have an engineering team for fitting production and site operation. With many years' experience available, we have advanced technology in fitting production and assembling as well as the butt welding for the product.

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