3PE Coated Steel Pipes

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3PE Coated Steel Pipes

The 3PE anticorrosion coating procedure is as follows. Through electrostatic spraying, the epoxy powder is coated on the steel surface. Then, the adhesive and polythene anticorrosion coating are wound laterally onto the steel tube. With the three layers of coatings, the anticorrosion steel tube has remarkable working performance. It has high electric strength, low water absorption rate, excellent bending property, and strong resistance to impact, abrasion, as well as soil stress.

The 3PE coating method is a widely used and one of the best anticorrosion technologies up to now. The 3PE coated steel pipes can be used to convey water, fuel, natural gas, oil, petroleum and other chemical articles.

Our company started to supply 3PE coated steel pipes about four years ago. The high-quality and reasonably priced products impress our customers.

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