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Steel Water Pipe Steel Water Pipe Steel Water Pipe Steel Water Pipe
Water Diversion Project of Qingcaosha Water Diversion Project of Qingcaosha Water Diversion Engineering of Yangtze River Water Diversion Project in Venezuela

Designed especially for water supply and drainage, this series of steel pipe has longitudinal welded type and spiral welded type for transporting fluids with low pressure. The product shows excellent deflection and elasticity under the inner water pressure. It can adapt to comparatively large axial displacement and transverse flexural deformation. The steel tube is especially fit for indoor water supply and drainage for high-rise buildings.

The steel water pipe can be widely applied in municipal works, water supply and purification plant, steel manufacturer, shipbuilding industry, etc. Being praised highly, our product has been successfully employed in Lingqiao Waterworks for pipeline network engineering, Ningbo City Water Corporation, Ningbo Industrial Water Supply Company Limited, reconstruction project of Changqiao Waterworks, Renhe Waterworks for water supply, dredging engineering for Yangtze River estuary, and more.

We are a professional steel water pipe manufacturer in China. In addition to steel water distribution pipe, we also offer fluid transport steel pipes, steel pipes for engineering construction project, steel piling pipe, and more.

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