Epoxy Powder Coated Steel Pipes

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Epoxy Powder Coated Steel Pipes

The epoxy powder coating method is a kind of new anticorrosion approach. The epoxy powder is applied to the steel surface through electrostatic spraying process. As there is no solvent involved, solvent contamination is avoided. Pipes treated by this approach can be used to convey fuel, water, natural gas, and other chemical articles.

Good epoxy powder coating can extend the pipelines' service life to decades or even longer while reducing routine maintenance. Therefore, the operation costs are reduced significantly. The epoxy powder coated steel pipes we offer are safe, durable, and reliable. They are particularly suitable for use in the long-distance pipeline construction projects.

About four years ago, our company started to supply epoxy powder coated steel pipes. Our products are well received by the customers due to their high quality and reasonable price. In the No.3 workshop of our factory, there are three internal and external coating lines which can process pipes with the diameter ranging from 323mm up to 3600mm.

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