Anticorrosion Paint Coated Steel Pipes

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Anticorrosion Paint Coated Steel Pipes

The anticorrosive paint coating is a traditional anticorrosion method. The anticorrosive paint is easy to apply and it cures quickly. The anticorrosive paint coated steel pipe is cheap and safe, yielding satisfying performance. It can be used to convey water or serve as marine piling or bridge piling.

In addition, we also provide epoxy coal tar coating and cement lining. The epoxy coal tar coating is a kind of internal coating method. It uses epoxy resin, coal tar pitch, filler, and glass fiber fabric. These two methods are usually used to process tubes for water transmission. However, due to the risk of long term shipment transportation, these two kinds of coating are easy to be damaged or stripped. Sometimes, our foreign clients purchase steel tubes from us and then appoint another coating company to do field cement lining work near the construction spot in their country.

About ten years ago, we started using the anticorrosive paint to process the steel pipes we produce. With professional, experienced coating team and advanced automatic painting system, we are able to complete all the coating work, so we do not need to deliver tubes to other subcontractor coating company. Additionally, we have established a long term business relationship with Akzo Nobel International Paint Company.

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