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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

As the assigned supporting enterprise for Shanghai water system, we provide a variety of steel water distribution pipes and fittings for Shanghai water system since the early 1990s. As the improvement of the water distribution and drainage technology, we constantly improve ourselves through investing large amount of money in purchasing advanced equipment, personnel training, talents introduction, promoting management level and other aspects.

Up to now, we have seven sets of spiral welded steel tube production lines, three sets of longitudinal welded steel tube production lines, two sets of automatic epoxy powder spraying anticorrosion equipment, two sets of artificial anticorrosion production lines and one set of expanding equipment for socket type steel tube with flexible joint. Together with the team which has field construction experience and can produce the fittings of the steel water distribution pipe, our company can fully provide the services of construction, maintenance, tube fitting production in a small amount and pipeline repair for various water system units.