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Steel Jacking Pipe Steel Jacking Pipe Steel Jacking Pipe
Pipe Jacking Intermediate Ring Road Tunnel Project at Beihong Road Intermediate Ring Road Tunnel Project at Beihong Road

With the rapid development of mechanical equipment and the rock drilling and tunneling technology, the pipe jacking has been widely used in the process of urban municipal system design and reconstruction for pipeline laying. Compared to the traditional excavation construction, the pipeline laying construction method shows great economical advantages when constructing on main traffic thoroughfare or with complex pipeline under the ground. By using the product to achieve pipeline laying, there is no need for closing the road and excavation. Then, the time and labor power can be saved largely. Meanwhile, the normal travelling of people won't be affected.

We can provide a series of reliable pipe jacking for pipeline laying. The working environment of the product is with high humidity and stuffiness. Meanwhile, the soil contains a series of matters such as C1ˉ, SO2ˉ, CO2, sulfur oxidizing bacteria, etc. Then, the product can be eroded easily in the environment. Through controlling the contents of S, P, C and Mn strictly in the production process, the purity of the steel can be enhanced effectively to allow for strong anticorrosion capability and long service lifetime of our product.

As a China-based steel jacking pipe manufacturer and supplier, we also provide steel clutch pipe, steel water pipe, steel petroleum pipe, and steel pipe fittings, among others.

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