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Physical and Chemical LaboratoryMulti-functional Tensile Tester300J Charpy Impact Tester600J Charpy Impact Tester
Drop Weight Tear TestHardness TestingMetallurgical MicroscopeAtomic Spectrometer 1
Atomic Spectrometer 2Sample Processing
Equipment 1
Sample Processing
Equipment 2
Sample Processing
Equipment 3
Sample Processing
Equipment 4
Impact Specimen CryostatImpact Specimen CalibratorImpact Specimen Broaching Machine

Jiafang Steel Pipe Group controls steel coil and plate from physical and chemical aspects throughout the production process. There are Charpy Impact Tester, multi-functional tensile tester, metallurgical microscope, atomic spectrometer, Vickers hardness tester, impact broaching machine, drop weight tear tester, and other inspection and analysis equipment. By strictly controlling the quality of materials, non-conforming products are less likely to appear on the production line.

Jiafang follows strict management procedure. Firstly, our technology department will build a production process standard. After the standard is reviewed by all the other supporting departments, the technology department will work out a production specification. Only after the specification is approved by the customer, the workshop can start production.

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