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Steel Pipes for Engineering Construction Project

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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

We can provide several kinds of steel pipes for engineering construction project. As the first manufacturer producing steel tube for pipe roofing, we are the only supplier of pipe roofing for the crossing project under Beihong Road of the intermediate ring road in Shanghai.

The whole intermediate ring road project is designed with the total investment of 18 billion CNY and the overall length of 70km. The project is constructed in saturated soft soil stratum with the largest cross section and longest pipe roofing in the world. The application of underground engineering subsurface excavation technology by using pipe roofing in the project is the first time that we apply the pipe-roof method in tunnel construction in China. Shanghai No.2 Municipal Engineering Company, which is the construction unit, proposes the construction method of combining the pipe-roof way with box culvert jacking. The workers arrange the 80 steel tubes with each length of 126m and total length of 10000m in the working well to get through the tunnel and complete the excavation and construction of the tunnel.

There are some differences between the steel pipe for pipe roofing and transportation. The special process is necessary after the spiral welded steel tube for pipe roofing is produced to meet various technique requirements. Considering the first application of pipe-roof construction together with the special geological condition of Shanghai, we cooperate with the construction unit actively to overcome the complex technique requirements and complete the design, production and construction of our product to ensure the smooth conducting of the project.

Our company can also produce other kinds of structural steel pipes covering clutch type used for wharf piling, supporting type used for municipal works, and more.