Steel Socket Pipe

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Steel Socket Pipe

We can produce various kinds of steel socket pipe according to the needed specifications and quantity of customers. The advantage of installation with no need for welding allows for convenient and fast installation as well as shorter construction time of the product. Meanwhile, high environmental adaptability makes the product especially fit for the complex pipeline design. Featuring high forming precision, reliable tightness and good impact resistance, the product is widely used in the process of new construction, extension and reconstruction projects for urban water supply and drainage.

For the socket design, the rubber gasket in the gap of the socket joint can slide when the steel socket pipe suffers external load. So, this series of product can release or eliminate the bending stress and tensile stress caused by uneven settlement and temperature variation separately when the pipeline works. Thus, the tube cracking accident resulting from stress concentration at the tube joint can be reduced effectively.

As a China-based steel socket pipe manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides coated anticorrosion steel pipe, steel straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, and more.

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