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Commonly Used Steel Pipe Types

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The commonly used steel pipe has four types involving spiral welded type, straight seam welded type, water supply type with flexible socket joint and coated anticorrosion type.

The spiral welded steel pipe takes usage of strip steel or steel coil as raw material. It is formed through cold extrusion and produced through automatic double wire double-sided submerged arc welding. Narrow strip steel can be used to produce the product with large diameter. The spiral welded steel tube has the merits of excellent anti cracking ability, few welding defects, strong load bearing capacity and good plasticity. It can also be welded and formed easily.

Made of strip steel, the longitudinal welded steel pipe is produced through longitudinal welding on welding equipment. The development for the product is fast. The product has the advantages of easy production process, high production efficiency but low cost. Compared to the spiral welded product with same length, the straight seam welded product has shorter welding seam in length by 30%.

The steel socket pipe is produced by adopting advanced expansion forming technology. Both two ends of the steel tube are expanded to be the socket type joints. This type of process can get high-precision forming size with the lowest cost. Meanwhile, the strength and rigidity of the expanded steel tube are enhanced largely. In addition, the product can be installed easily and safely, which can facilitate shortening the construction time.

The coated anticorrosion steel pipe is processed with special anticorrosion technology. It can prevent or retard the corrosion caused by chemical reaction or electrochemical reaction during the process of transportation and use.

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