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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The Details
ApplicationProduct Name Material Standard Anticorrosion Coating
Water and Coal Gas Pipe Spiral Welded
Steel Pipe

Welded Pipe
Q235, Q345 and
Pipeline Stee
l with the Steel
Grade of A to X80
All the products meet
the standards
GB/T9711.2, GB/T9711.1,
SY/T5037, SY/T5040,
GB50205, JTJ254, S311,
AWWA C200, AS1579, etc.
The anticorrosion is conducted
through spraying various kinds
of anticorrosive paints,
FBE epoxy powder, 3PE,
epoxy coal tar pitch
and cement mortar lining.
Petroleum Transporting Pipe
Petroleum and Natural Gas Line Pipe
Chemical Medium Transmission Pipe
Capacity 3
Jiafang Steel Pipe Production Capacity and Scope
 Thickness (mm)
Diameter (mm)6.0
355.6    X80X70X60X52X42X42         
406.4     X80X70X60X52X42         
457.0      X80X70X60X42         
508.0      X80X70X65X42X42        
559.0       X80X80X70X42X42       
610.0         X80X70X70X60X52X42    
660.0          X80X70X65X60X42    
711.0          X80X70X70X65X52    
762.0           X80X70X65X52    
813.0           X80X70X65X56X52   
864.0           X80X70X65X56X52   
914.0            X80X70X65X60X52  
965.0            X80X70X65X60X52  
1016.0            X80X70X65X60X52  
1067.0             X80X70X65X60X60 
1118.0             X80X70X65X65X60 
1219.0              X80X70X70X65X65
1321.0              X80X70X70X65X65
1422.0              X80X70X70X65X65
1524.0              X80X70X70X65X65
1626.0              X80X70X70X65X65
1727.0              X80X70X70X65X65
1829.0              X80X70X70X65X65
1930.0              X80X70X70X65X65
2032.0              X80X70X70X65X65
2235.2              X80X70X70X65X65
2336.8              X80X70X70X65X65
2438.4              X80X70X70X65X65
2540.0              X80X70X70X65X65
2743.2              X80X70X70X65X65
3048.0               X70X70X65X65
3200.4               X70X70X65X65