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Pictures of Workshop, Passway, Stockyard and Terminal

Pictures of Office, Management Team and Staff

Pictures of Staff Welfare

Today's Jiafang is as comfortable as a garden. There are shady trees, clean roads and cute flowers. This is why every Jiafang staff often says "working in Jiafang likes working in a garden".

Jiafang Steel Pipe Group has formed an integrated, professional, dedicatory, creative, positive and persevering leadership team as well as 80 responsible and hardworking welders and 50 enterprising, knowledgeable and professional inspectors. We established a well running organization to optimize the management system according to both the national regulations and the company actual situation.

We think it is the company's duty to improve staff welfare and enhance enterprise strength. Jiafang adopts various policies to support all aspects of staff's life as much as possible.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are such a company considering for staff, of course, we definitely will think for our customers, too. If you need steel pipe products, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to serve you!