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Pre-sales Service
1. Customers are invited to make an on-the-spot investigation of our factory and an evaluation of our production capacity at any time.
2. We can also provide professional technical consultation service and instantly communicate with customers in order to solve the existing problems.
3. The materials required by the customers can be offered instantly, including quoted price, proof of qualification, drawing, production plan, etc.
4. We will actively cooperate with customers to make preparations for letters of credit and deposit.

In-sales Service
1. Strictly in line with the sales contract and technical specifications, we will supply qualified products to customers with both quality and quantity highly guaranteed.
2. Products are all traceable in the whole process from the purchasing of raw materials to the delivery.
3. The quality of product and service is under our strict control. If some problems arise, we will figure them out in accordance with specified methods.
4. We will receive supervision representatives at any time and cooperate with them to make relevant inspections.

After-sales Service
1. We will provide customers with all the contracted materials without delay, including technical data, packing list, bill of lading, invoice, etc.
2. All the products have one year warranty. During this period, if products have some quality problems, we will send professional technicians for an on-site inspection as requested. Moreover, such products can be freely repaired or replaced.
3. Each year, we will send satisfaction surveys to our customers so as to know the working conditions of the products and get customers' valuable suggestions.